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Talk To Your Kids About Internet Safety

The most important way to keep your children safe online is to talk to them about internet safety. They need to be able to spot a potential predator and know what to do when that happens. I know that there are times though, that our children disregard what we are saying, thinking that there is nothing to worry about. Well, during those times we have to figure out ways to protect them without it being so obvious. 

That is why I created this page. Here you will find products that will enable you to guard them against the dangers that are out there. Give yourself some peace of mind!

Would you like to make sure your kids are being safe and responsible online?
Have they been exhibiting any type of suspicious activity?
Would you like to be able to check on them ?
The truth is, sometimes kids will do exactly the opposite of what we tell them.
PC Tattletale is a software that lets you monitor exactly what they are doing when left unsupervised.
Find out right now if you have anything to worry about!

 PC Tattletale

Another great product is Pc Pandora Monitoring Software. With Pc Pandora, you will be able to record computer activity. You will be able to track everything that goes on in your computer. Gets access to instant messages, chat logs, password retrieval for MySpace and other sites, block certain web sites, and many more features available. An efficient way to keep an eye on your children.

Pc Pandora - Protect Your Family!

 Is there someone in your neighborhood that makes you feel uncomfortable? Have you caught them staring at you or your kids? They could very well be a sexual offender. With Inteligator Investigation Services you can run an unlimited number of background, criminal, sexual offender, and telephone searches. Gain access
to a Nationwide database of records.

 Buddy Browser - A fun and educational web browser for kids. It offers safe, social networking, effective parental controls, family enrichment features, web filtering, and there is absolutely no inappropriate content. Buddy Browser will let you determine what content your kids will have access to. Start your free trial today.

Find out the owner of any cell phone or unlisted number. Results include name, address, carrier, and other details when available. Your search is confidential. 

ex: 555-555-5555

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