Child Internet Safety

 Child Internet Safety

Let's talk about chat rooms -We love to go to social networks and get re-acquainted with friends, share photos with our loved ones easily, and have a place to unwind after a long day. As enjoyable as those sites are, they have also made it a lot easier for predators to interact with our unsuspecting children.

Did you know that there are more than 5,000 kids kidnapped every year after meeting someone in a chat room? That is a staggering number! They lurk through chat rooms studying our children, looking for an opportunity to catch them unaware, and then they lure them away and take their innocence, their childhood, and sometimes their lives.

 My Mission and Purpose

We spend our lives nurturing our children, hoping that the things we have taught them will help them make good decisions in life. When they are away from home, we have them check in with us just to make sure they are alright, tell them that when they pass someone walking on the street to always look them in the eye, and we make sure that they know how dangerous it can be in this world. We repeat the same things day after day in hopes that if they ever find themselves in an uncomfortable position, they will see our face and hear our words.

Now as parents, we have even more responsibility, we have to teach them to protect themselves when they are online.  As incredible as the internet is, it has caused us more to worry about. The most important thing we can do is to educate ourselves with the strategies that predators use to lure our children away and to teach them what to do if they are approached by someone who seems extremely eager to interact with them. That is my mission and my purpose, to give you the extra resources that you can pass onto your kids which may one day save their lives.




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